Local eatery gives tips on Keto diet to begin 2020

Local eatery gives tips on Keto diet to begin 2020

Local eatery gives tips on Keto diet to begin 2020

For getting a jump on their resolutions for the year 2020, a lot of people had gathered in Corpus Christi for a luncheon on this Saturday for learning a lot more about living in a healthy manner.

Diet plays an important role as far as living healthy is concerned. For a lot of people, cutting their carbohydrates down is an important start so a local eatery serving keto food has been quick in providing a course for teaching people on how keto must be done in the correct manner.

The owner said that everything they were making had been free of sugar completely and also low in carbohydrates. The place known as Phat Keto is one which caters to the people who are following a keto diet. The owner said that making the sweets low on carbs and eats had come from a journey on which she herself had been.

While telling about her story she said that in the previous summer, she had got a trainer who had recommended a keto died so she did it and that proved to be the beginning of her change. The trainer Santos Rosales has said that lifestyle change improved her physically and had also boosted her self-esteem and confidence.

The owner is now translating her learnings into teaching more people at the luncheon where she had brought the guest speaker in as registered dietician Kate Hillard has said that the diet works well when the intake of healthy fats is made more and carbs are lowered. She revealed more about her journey and how she makes her food which is suitable to the people who are following this diet.

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